A gun is aimed point-blank at the back of Desh’s head. Heeve fires his gun, killing the lion-man instantly. He tosses the body down from the helm and steers the ship to the port. Upon heading to the port he begins thinking he sees dark shadows along the bank. Curious, Heeve brought the ship closer to the bank and lost sight of the movement. While steering the ship back to port he was shot in the neck by a poison dart, and began to slip out of consciousness. He took out two orcs attempting to commandeer his ship, but was overwhelmed by the other two that knocked him out after he tripped on Desh’s body.
Corvin spoke, “You want answers, come and get them.” North took the first move to charge at Corvin and swiped his flail at him, only to reveal that this particular Corvin was an illusion from a False Vision spell. He kept trying to convince the party that they would regret advancing through the next door, however everyone was set on taking out the corrupt businessman. He gave mention that orcs would soon be making an advance on the city, a way to involve Breckinggrad in the war. Numerous attempts were made at breaking down the magical door to Corvin’s area. North and Pierce attempted to smash it off its frame a few times, Zorel used a hydraulic torrent spell, which began to push the door in. Hammond finally used a Break spell which finished off the door, allowing access to the next room, where the party found a Halfling who was holding up the door with magic. He claimed to be the mage servant to Corvin, which earned him a broken jaw, which may lead to his death. Next a long battle took place against Corvin Stonesplitter, who wielded a large size double axe-hammer and a shield along with a heavy set of armor. Most of the party hit him off an on, while he struggled greatly to hit through the offensive characters’ defenses (North, Pierce, and Torst). This being so, he decided to target the mages, Zorel and Hammond. He landed a few hits on Zorel, who eventually responded with a Wreath of Blades spell which blocked all of Corvin’s melee capabilities. Hammond also took a few hits, and struggled greatly to have Corvin fall subject to most of his spells, however he was able to assist his allies with buffs. At last Torst finished off Corvin and loot was had. North teleported the party back to Sarah’s tavern and the girls were found safe. One of the girls had left the place earlier so some of the party decided to search for her. They eventually came across a large pool of blood that went up onto the wall of a building. North searched through the blood and found a ring. He used the spell Create Water and cleaned off the ring, to reveal the symbol of the Masons, which he had little knowledge of. The ring also had writing on the inside S Crow 3. The blood had a high concentration of silver.

Where the Wind Blows

A map is thrust onto the table with a man shouting, “Idiots!” Someone at some point messed up on where the ship was sailing. There’s about forty-percent of the crew left after the leviathan attack but there’s still enough to man the ship. Once the sailor leaves, the Captain’s quarters remains empty aside from Del, Crabbe and Sebastian.

“Sabotage,” Crabbe suggests.

Del replies, “It just doesn’t make sense.”

In a moment, the door opens and Damien enters the room. He asks his lieutenants about the situation and if any decisions have been made. The masked man suggests taking the ship inland to further figure out where they are at; the last thing they want to do though is stare at desert for the next few days.

“We can’t go too much further; don’t want to leave our friend,” says Crabbe.

Damien smiles and says to the group, “Ah yes… I wonder how he’s doing…”

Heave had made his way to land and took shelter under a tree. He awakes and begins to survey the land. After taking a look around for Desh, he leaps into the water but quickly discovers that he was more exhausted than he thought; once he reaches the next barge he has to take some time coughing up the sea water he swallowed.

Ten orcs sit around a table overlooking pirate ships. Heave is going to try to sneak around/up to the orcs but Desh puts his hand over Heave’s face and says, “You make too much noise, my friend.” The Rakshasa has no idea where they are. The two, seemingly teamed up now, decide to listen to the orcs for answers.

Back on the ship, Damien demands that he be told when they are going to make port.
St. Croy on the northern tip of Osylith; The Sea of Sorrows. Some people tell the pirates that Osylith seems to be “dying.”

Fumblin announces that the Beast round will not occur and that the next tournament will be held three months from today. This announcement is met by boos and such, but they accept it and soon leave.

Torst and Zor-El ride back to the castle with the King. Meanwhile, Hammond, Pierce and North prepare to take the winnings back to the castle and divvy them up there. After a little discussion, Hammond decides to leave to purchase a Bag of Holding. Pierce and North take the reigns of a cart and make their way to the castle. On the trip, the two get to know each other and it appears that each has the respect and trust of the other.

Once everyone is back at the castle, minus Zor-El who has gone to sleep, they divvy out the winnings of the tournament and discuss business. A letter from Resin, the woman’s head in the bag and, as we found most importantly, the King’s Greatsword and the pommel that opens. An orb was meant to fit within the open pommel, which sparked a memory in the party. The orb at Sarah’s Place!

But the woman’s head was that of the mechanic, meaning the girls and the orb were in trouble. The group had to act fast, and with the help of their new companion North they were able to move more quickly than ever: one teleport spell later and they were outside the bar.
Ransacked. Tables destroyed, doors open, beds overturned, this place had trouble written all over it in blood; especially in the mechanic’s shop. The orb was still there, though it looked different, a seemingly perfect orb of silver metal. It seemed like the orb would fit in the King’s Greatsword, and without hesitation North placed the orb into the pommel. The silver melted away and the orb turned into a D20 that would spin within. After much testing, it was concluded that the D20 acted as a greater magical item that would offer temporary benefits and hindrances based on the roll of the die; these outcomes affected the wielder of the blade. When the die is spun by a new person, or when putting the blade away, the great voice of the Greatsword speaks.: “I am the creator of the Abhorrents and of the Gods, I have many names, none of which matter. You have found my fate, spin this device to find yours. This choice I leave to you.” “I am Valhalla, the warriors’ rest. Wield me and bring balance to all.”

The party split up through the bar and checked things out. Pierce looked to the hulking armor that was in the shop. He hopped in and saw a memory, a vision of the past, of what happened to the mechanic. She was attacked and killed by the sinister villain North faced in the arena, the Corpsemaker. The man made a remark about taking the other sisters prisoner and then the vision ended.

An upset Pierce activated the armor and prepared for battle, but was quickly talked down. The group decided to attack the Bears first thing in the morning. Hammond sent word to Zor-El through ‘speak with animals’ and the rest prepared for the night. Tomorrow, the Bears would pay for what they had done.

Heave works with Desh, they wait. Nightfall fell and the two snuck around the bushes around the orcs. The plan was to kill and steal their boats. Desh hadn’t yet made a move so Heave dove for the kill.

Next Session: The Truth Will Out


Sunday, May 12th 2013

Kilrosh begins his fight in the tournament. A cage pops up in the middle of the arena and the announcer presents his enemy as Terra. The cage opens and in front of Kilrosh stands a huge dragon. It leans back on its haunches and looks at Kilrosh, spreading its wings. The roar is felt in the audience. The two converse as if having met before. Terra unleashes a lightning breath and Kilrosh. They fight. Epically! Kilrosh screams that he is Malicious Dix. Pierce and Hugh decide to head back to the arena early after hearing the massive roars. Kilrosh takes off his plate armor and reveals a red handprint in his chest. The two paused the battle and discuss issues about the past. Terra, “Father never gave up on us.” Kilrosh states how he is sick of taking order from the rest of their group, and that Theodore was the only one he could trust. Kilrosh cleaves through to the main framework of the machine-like creature. Though it takes heavy blows, it doesn’t flinch as much as it should. Terra expresses her loss of hope for Malistrix. The machine creature begins to break apart as gears and metallic springs hit the ground along with a stone. People stare in amazement without a sound. Out of the corner of his eye, Kilrosh spots the real Terra sitting in the audience to his left. She dashes into the arena after meeting his gaze and runs to the stone. Kilrosh looks around as if he’s lost something. Hammond and Torst see puffs of sands as if something landed and moved, with a speed too fast to see. To the common eye Terra seems to appear out of nowhere in the arena, as a very elegant-looking woman that Pierce wants to bang. Pierce draws his gun and aims at the commotion in the arena. Terra puts her hands clasped into a prayer. She tells Kilrosh to find her and dashes away, catching an object she threw at him. Kilrosh takes his helm off to reveal that its horns are actually part of him, protruding through the steel. He appears to be a half-orc type being, but is clearly not. He turns around and heads for the arena exit at his own pace. Cheers start to build slowly until the arena fills with roars of applause. Hugh and Resin peruse the stores to purchase healing. On their way back to the arena, Resin asked for Hugh’s sigil and went to make a copy of it for himself to fight under Hugh’s symbol during the next match. Corvin came and visited with the King while Pierce aimed his rifle toward the area intending to protect the king. Hammond decided to leave Zorel and Torst to join up with the others after seeing the two enemy casters of the last match. Hammond met Kilrosh on his way to find the others and asked if he would explain his previously unknown power to the group at some point. He then met with Hugh and explained his plan to put Hugh under Mage Armor and Bull’s Strength before letting him enter his solo match. Hugh was to face a darker-skinned woman from the country of Lilinithri, who used a tambourine with shurikens. She was a monk who took pleasure in the pain of battle. After the battle Hammond interpreted the writing on her tambourine ribbon which read, “The way of death is the truth. The death angel comes, the death angel comes…” Hammond detected poison within Hugh, but could not determine the specific kind. The next group battle groups were random filler vs the Nighshades.
The dragon group discusses their involvement in human affairs. Travaan wants the group to look into a vision he saw involving the war. Malistrix and Theodore show to be reluctant about the matter while Terra was more than willing and Finean, in-between, needed more reason to be involved. Finean gave a bracelet of friends to Malistrix, telling them to set charms if they need his aid. Finean transformed Malstrix into a half-orc so he would fit into society better among the humans. Theodore destroyed Finean’s charm on the bracelet.
Back in the present, Kilrosh/Malistrix returns to the castle in search for Terra and meets with her. They discussed what they are attempting to discover in the city of Breckingrad. Kilrosh hopes to get more answers through the group close to the king.
Commander Hollace Lowe appeared at the King’s seating area and reported to his majesty that groups patrolling the ruins of Azaroth several people were killed in the mines. Beyond Baramore they have no more allies in the south. Provisions were taken from other outposts to support the southern defenses. Troops became depleted in the south, and an attack is to be expected from there in the not too distant future. Troops made it past the distant Oscylith mountains and reported from Valdonis saying that much of the land has been turned to desert, hit with an massive drought. Many of the kingdoms in northern Oscylith have fallen apart. The desolation is spreading. Troops reported reaching the desert sooner than they had the last time. It is expected that most of the northern half of Oscylith will be covered in desert within the coming years. Essentially, the continent is turning to dust, on top of the war. King Baratheon requested his troops in the south to be replenished. He ordered a small force to the north of the mountains, and for Commander Lowe to return to there with them.
Hammond and Resin purchased antidote for Hugh and headed back to the arena, while Pierce and Hugh met preparing for the fight. Hammond cast mage armor on Resin during the walk back. Hugh asked Pierce to focus on protecting Hammond during the fight. They met up and Hugh took the antidote and Hammond cast mage armor on Pierce right before they entered the arena. Hugh ended up dying during the battle due to a critical fail at hands of Pierce, in addition to a double critical fail. The group luckily won the fight, but Fumblin Undergrowth at first declared the match a tie, but Resin threatened him into giving the group their deserved victory. Hammond dimension doored Hugh to the King’s booth, away from the fight. Next session is titled Regression.

The Best Intentions

It’s an early Thursday evening immediately after the great battle outside Sarah’s Place. Evelyn died from her gun shot wounds and the sister, Marie, ignores Hugh’s questions in her despair. Hugh waits outside, looking to Pierce who takes a few shots at the last few of the bandits running away. Meanwhile, Hammond and Zor-El do all they can to save the girl, but to no avail. Torst waits by the bar, looking on at the bloody mess; and a stunned Samuel Crowe sits in the corner too aghast at the recent happenings.

Pierce spots a set of four guards riding down the road and comes down to the street to meet with everyone. He gives his condolences to Marie, then prepares to meet with the soldiers. Hugh waits with him as Hammond takes off for a nearby magic shop to procure supplies. The rest of the group, save for Crowe, get in a cart and ride off to have a burial for Evelyn.

Captain Gryffon, along with a Sergeant and two lackeys, ride up; the captain is disgusted by the smell of death that looms over the area. She leaves the three soldiers to help clean up the mess. Hugh asks for one of the soldiers to accompany him and Pierce to attain some medicine; Captain Gryffon hands over a soldier of two years, Resin. Resin seemed to be different from the other guards, offering insight to the city that Hugh finds extremely valuable. Pierce and the Widowmaker disagree on having him become a part of the group and decide to have him fight alongside them in the Arena on Saturday. If Resin lives he will become a squire of Hugh’s.

Torst and Zor-El attend the somber funeral and offer their condolences. Back at the bar, each pours themselves a drink to think on the recent happenings.

Meanwhile, Hammond takes the helm of Reddick and a scrying stone, along with the daggers meant for the King’s assassination, and attempts to scry the people behind these items. He sees Corvin and Dom, both speaking about the current happenings, Reddick being killed, upping the prizes at the Arena on Saturday, and mentioning an over-population at the prison, or “Den.” Dom suggests drawing the people who killed Reddick out into the public; maybe the party killed Reddick because they were in line with a taxpayer who was in the prison. They are going to investigate the area where Reddick was killed. “Swift as necessary” investigations; followed by public executions by tomorrow for those who are far behind. Corvin asks if he can trust Dom with this, Dom responds, “With my life.” Hammond sends a message before the scry spell wears off: “Careful Stonesplitter, the Widowmaker knows your secrets.”

His scrying continues onto Sarah who is still in the prison. He messages the woman telling her to fight back and stay alive as a rescue is on its way. “Stay alive.” The Bears pull her into a room to meet with Dom; they set her in a chair and Dom questions the woman. She name-drops the Widowmaker at Hammond’s bequest, and Dom threatens to kill her if he will not pay the debt. Hammond stops the scry spell and begins to research the planes and spells.

Hugh, Pierce and Resin arrive back at the castle and decide to take it easy the next day to prepare for the fight. Hugh and Pierce decide to meet the next day with the entire group and head to the bed. Resin drops off his equipment to explore the castle. Down the hall, Resin runs across Kilrosh who has just returned to this plane. He’s looking for the group that had met with him before, so he goes to Pierce’s room and they meet up. Kilrosh realizes he’s been away from this plane for a week when it has only felt like a couple of days. He shares the story of his absence to Pierce, then Pierce introduces the half-orc to Hugh. The three quickly split up and return to bed.

Resin runs into some old guard buddies and talks with them about what is happening. The next person he runs into is Lady Kathryne McCormick, they share a moment then walk off.

After drinking an entire bottle, Zor-El finds himself deep in thought about his past and the recent happenings beside the fire. He opens another bottle and finds the more he drinks the more he reminisces about his family, and once he spots the bloodstain again he throws one of his chakra at it, picks it up then sits in the chair. The chandelier above the bar is moving slightly but with only one door open. A set of tracks look like they come out of the stall then turn East and go down the road. Babu sees a ride on a horse up ahead and the two catch up to find it is Marie who wants to go on alone. After Zor-El talks her down for doing anything crazy, she rides off into the night.

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