Where the Wind Blows

A map is thrust onto the table with a man shouting, “Idiots!” Someone at some point messed up on where the ship was sailing. There’s about forty-percent of the crew left after the leviathan attack but there’s still enough to man the ship. Once the sailor leaves, the Captain’s quarters remains empty aside from Del, Crabbe and Sebastian.

“Sabotage,” Crabbe suggests.

Del replies, “It just doesn’t make sense.”

In a moment, the door opens and Damien enters the room. He asks his lieutenants about the situation and if any decisions have been made. The masked man suggests taking the ship inland to further figure out where they are at; the last thing they want to do though is stare at desert for the next few days.

“We can’t go too much further; don’t want to leave our friend,” says Crabbe.

Damien smiles and says to the group, “Ah yes… I wonder how he’s doing…”

Heave had made his way to land and took shelter under a tree. He awakes and begins to survey the land. After taking a look around for Desh, he leaps into the water but quickly discovers that he was more exhausted than he thought; once he reaches the next barge he has to take some time coughing up the sea water he swallowed.

Ten orcs sit around a table overlooking pirate ships. Heave is going to try to sneak around/up to the orcs but Desh puts his hand over Heave’s face and says, “You make too much noise, my friend.” The Rakshasa has no idea where they are. The two, seemingly teamed up now, decide to listen to the orcs for answers.

Back on the ship, Damien demands that he be told when they are going to make port.
St. Croy on the northern tip of Osylith; The Sea of Sorrows. Some people tell the pirates that Osylith seems to be “dying.”

Fumblin announces that the Beast round will not occur and that the next tournament will be held three months from today. This announcement is met by boos and such, but they accept it and soon leave.

Torst and Zor-El ride back to the castle with the King. Meanwhile, Hammond, Pierce and North prepare to take the winnings back to the castle and divvy them up there. After a little discussion, Hammond decides to leave to purchase a Bag of Holding. Pierce and North take the reigns of a cart and make their way to the castle. On the trip, the two get to know each other and it appears that each has the respect and trust of the other.

Once everyone is back at the castle, minus Zor-El who has gone to sleep, they divvy out the winnings of the tournament and discuss business. A letter from Resin, the woman’s head in the bag and, as we found most importantly, the King’s Greatsword and the pommel that opens. An orb was meant to fit within the open pommel, which sparked a memory in the party. The orb at Sarah’s Place!

But the woman’s head was that of the mechanic, meaning the girls and the orb were in trouble. The group had to act fast, and with the help of their new companion North they were able to move more quickly than ever: one teleport spell later and they were outside the bar.
Ransacked. Tables destroyed, doors open, beds overturned, this place had trouble written all over it in blood; especially in the mechanic’s shop. The orb was still there, though it looked different, a seemingly perfect orb of silver metal. It seemed like the orb would fit in the King’s Greatsword, and without hesitation North placed the orb into the pommel. The silver melted away and the orb turned into a D20 that would spin within. After much testing, it was concluded that the D20 acted as a greater magical item that would offer temporary benefits and hindrances based on the roll of the die; these outcomes affected the wielder of the blade. When the die is spun by a new person, or when putting the blade away, the great voice of the Greatsword speaks.: “I am the creator of the Abhorrents and of the Gods, I have many names, none of which matter. You have found my fate, spin this device to find yours. This choice I leave to you.” “I am Valhalla, the warriors’ rest. Wield me and bring balance to all.”

The party split up through the bar and checked things out. Pierce looked to the hulking armor that was in the shop. He hopped in and saw a memory, a vision of the past, of what happened to the mechanic. She was attacked and killed by the sinister villain North faced in the arena, the Corpsemaker. The man made a remark about taking the other sisters prisoner and then the vision ended.

An upset Pierce activated the armor and prepared for battle, but was quickly talked down. The group decided to attack the Bears first thing in the morning. Hammond sent word to Zor-El through ‘speak with animals’ and the rest prepared for the night. Tomorrow, the Bears would pay for what they had done.

Heave works with Desh, they wait. Nightfall fell and the two snuck around the bushes around the orcs. The plan was to kill and steal their boats. Desh hadn’t yet made a move so Heave dove for the kill.

Next Session: The Truth Will Out


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