The Best Intentions

It’s an early Thursday evening immediately after the great battle outside Sarah’s Place. Evelyn died from her gun shot wounds and the sister, Marie, ignores Hugh’s questions in her despair. Hugh waits outside, looking to Pierce who takes a few shots at the last few of the bandits running away. Meanwhile, Hammond and Zor-El do all they can to save the girl, but to no avail. Torst waits by the bar, looking on at the bloody mess; and a stunned Samuel Crowe sits in the corner too aghast at the recent happenings.

Pierce spots a set of four guards riding down the road and comes down to the street to meet with everyone. He gives his condolences to Marie, then prepares to meet with the soldiers. Hugh waits with him as Hammond takes off for a nearby magic shop to procure supplies. The rest of the group, save for Crowe, get in a cart and ride off to have a burial for Evelyn.

Captain Gryffon, along with a Sergeant and two lackeys, ride up; the captain is disgusted by the smell of death that looms over the area. She leaves the three soldiers to help clean up the mess. Hugh asks for one of the soldiers to accompany him and Pierce to attain some medicine; Captain Gryffon hands over a soldier of two years, Resin. Resin seemed to be different from the other guards, offering insight to the city that Hugh finds extremely valuable. Pierce and the Widowmaker disagree on having him become a part of the group and decide to have him fight alongside them in the Arena on Saturday. If Resin lives he will become a squire of Hugh’s.

Torst and Zor-El attend the somber funeral and offer their condolences. Back at the bar, each pours themselves a drink to think on the recent happenings.

Meanwhile, Hammond takes the helm of Reddick and a scrying stone, along with the daggers meant for the King’s assassination, and attempts to scry the people behind these items. He sees Corvin and Dom, both speaking about the current happenings, Reddick being killed, upping the prizes at the Arena on Saturday, and mentioning an over-population at the prison, or “Den.” Dom suggests drawing the people who killed Reddick out into the public; maybe the party killed Reddick because they were in line with a taxpayer who was in the prison. They are going to investigate the area where Reddick was killed. “Swift as necessary” investigations; followed by public executions by tomorrow for those who are far behind. Corvin asks if he can trust Dom with this, Dom responds, “With my life.” Hammond sends a message before the scry spell wears off: “Careful Stonesplitter, the Widowmaker knows your secrets.”

His scrying continues onto Sarah who is still in the prison. He messages the woman telling her to fight back and stay alive as a rescue is on its way. “Stay alive.” The Bears pull her into a room to meet with Dom; they set her in a chair and Dom questions the woman. She name-drops the Widowmaker at Hammond’s bequest, and Dom threatens to kill her if he will not pay the debt. Hammond stops the scry spell and begins to research the planes and spells.

Hugh, Pierce and Resin arrive back at the castle and decide to take it easy the next day to prepare for the fight. Hugh and Pierce decide to meet the next day with the entire group and head to the bed. Resin drops off his equipment to explore the castle. Down the hall, Resin runs across Kilrosh who has just returned to this plane. He’s looking for the group that had met with him before, so he goes to Pierce’s room and they meet up. Kilrosh realizes he’s been away from this plane for a week when it has only felt like a couple of days. He shares the story of his absence to Pierce, then Pierce introduces the half-orc to Hugh. The three quickly split up and return to bed.

Resin runs into some old guard buddies and talks with them about what is happening. The next person he runs into is Lady Kathryne McCormick, they share a moment then walk off.

After drinking an entire bottle, Zor-El finds himself deep in thought about his past and the recent happenings beside the fire. He opens another bottle and finds the more he drinks the more he reminisces about his family, and once he spots the bloodstain again he throws one of his chakra at it, picks it up then sits in the chair. The chandelier above the bar is moving slightly but with only one door open. A set of tracks look like they come out of the stall then turn East and go down the road. Babu sees a ride on a horse up ahead and the two catch up to find it is Marie who wants to go on alone. After Zor-El talks her down for doing anything crazy, she rides off into the night.


I understand I left out some bits, suh as anything important that happened at the funera, Hammond’s investigations and Kilrosh’s segment, but if you want to add detail to any segment these comments would be the place to do so. I started logging near the end of the session so I probably missed stuff.

Anywho, I’ll be logging sessions as we go unless someone else wants to.
The Best Intentions
IXENIROC Zassimick

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