A gun is aimed point-blank at the back of Desh’s head. Heeve fires his gun, killing the lion-man instantly. He tosses the body down from the helm and steers the ship to the port. Upon heading to the port he begins thinking he sees dark shadows along the bank. Curious, Heeve brought the ship closer to the bank and lost sight of the movement. While steering the ship back to port he was shot in the neck by a poison dart, and began to slip out of consciousness. He took out two orcs attempting to commandeer his ship, but was overwhelmed by the other two that knocked him out after he tripped on Desh’s body.
Corvin spoke, “You want answers, come and get them.” North took the first move to charge at Corvin and swiped his flail at him, only to reveal that this particular Corvin was an illusion from a False Vision spell. He kept trying to convince the party that they would regret advancing through the next door, however everyone was set on taking out the corrupt businessman. He gave mention that orcs would soon be making an advance on the city, a way to involve Breckinggrad in the war. Numerous attempts were made at breaking down the magical door to Corvin’s area. North and Pierce attempted to smash it off its frame a few times, Zorel used a hydraulic torrent spell, which began to push the door in. Hammond finally used a Break spell which finished off the door, allowing access to the next room, where the party found a Halfling who was holding up the door with magic. He claimed to be the mage servant to Corvin, which earned him a broken jaw, which may lead to his death. Next a long battle took place against Corvin Stonesplitter, who wielded a large size double axe-hammer and a shield along with a heavy set of armor. Most of the party hit him off an on, while he struggled greatly to hit through the offensive characters’ defenses (North, Pierce, and Torst). This being so, he decided to target the mages, Zorel and Hammond. He landed a few hits on Zorel, who eventually responded with a Wreath of Blades spell which blocked all of Corvin’s melee capabilities. Hammond also took a few hits, and struggled greatly to have Corvin fall subject to most of his spells, however he was able to assist his allies with buffs. At last Torst finished off Corvin and loot was had. North teleported the party back to Sarah’s tavern and the girls were found safe. One of the girls had left the place earlier so some of the party decided to search for her. They eventually came across a large pool of blood that went up onto the wall of a building. North searched through the blood and found a ring. He used the spell Create Water and cleaned off the ring, to reveal the symbol of the Masons, which he had little knowledge of. The ring also had writing on the inside S Crow 3. The blood had a high concentration of silver.


IXENIROC Austin_Vockrodt

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